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About Us

Similar to many good ideas, the Handwork Hardware story is a long one that we will save for later… probably much later.  The key elements are 1) that there was and is a need for the secure organization and storage of knitting tools and accessories, and that 2) good design is essential to successful organization and storage solutions.


My business partner, Cornelia Griffin, was trained as an industrial designer and architect and recently ran an amazing knitting store in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Her store windows were captivating, but her organization of the shop was pure genius.  I, Judith Van Cleve, was also trained as an architect, and, for the past fifteen years, have worked as a facilities manager for a manufacturing company that produces precision, high value polymer and plastic components.  The connection is that Cornelia and I both love to knit all of the time.  We wanted a professional solution to knitting needle and accessory storage, specifically to develop a system that measures, sorts and stores our valuable tools.  I am way over the shoebox option.  SORT IT OUT.  That’s our motto.


Our first product is the Handwork Hardware Double Pointed Knitting Needle Sorter and Gauge.  The design is unique because the US/Metric needle gauge is attached to the sorter insert.  The sturdy storage container holds the insert and protects the sorted needles being stored in the secure case.  Did you finish knitting your sock and cast off?  Drop your needles into the tube using the correct gauge hole and the needles are automatically sorted and stored for their next use.  Are you ready to begin a new glove project?  Pull the insert by its handle to halfway out of the container, locate the correct needles size and with a slight tip dispense them for your use.  It’s that simple.  The initial sorter and gauge sorts and stores double pointed needle sizes US 000-5/Metric 1.5-3.75mm.  These sizes represent needles that are used to knit socks, gloves and miniature dogs, cats and people.  Please note that we have also included a handy-dandy ruler on the side of the container so that you don’t have to remove sofa cushions to find a measuring tape.


Our corporate philosophy… we have guiding principles as opposed to a manifesto.


  • Our products are, whenever possible, designed and made in the USA.

  • We support our local economy including shopping locally and using local vendors when practical.

  • We are committed to the extension of kindness and courtesy in the conduct of our business.

  • We support sustainable business practices, including environmental practices that reduce our impact on the environment.

  • We believe that handwork makes the world a better place.

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