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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Handwork Hardware, or if you need more information, please visit our Connect Page to get in touch with us.


Can I purchase the Handwork Hardware Double Pointed Knitting Needle Sorter and Gauge at my local knitting or craft store?  


Presently the Needle Sorter and Gauge will only be available through our website.  We believe that we will be able to reach a larger audience and be more able to individually serve and connect with our customers.  


Is there a larger double pointed knitting needle sorter and gauge available to store larger needles? 


Cornelia has been feverishly working on that project (gloves, hats and sweater sleeves).  Check the web site periodically for availability.


How does the sorter and gauge work?


The gauge is extremely accurate.  Your needle will slip into the correct hole with a little bit friction.  You’ll have the feel in no time and will be enjoying the satisfying plink of all your needles landing in their new perfect, safe, home.  The band around the insert can be adjusted so that the insert can be removed completely from the tube and still keep all your needles in place, or placed lower to allow the needles to fan out for dispensing.



What is the longest needle that the sorter and gauge will store?


The sorter and gauge will store double pointed knitting needles that are up to 8 inches in length.  Additionally, and this is based on my storage preferences, I store (5) #5s, (5) #4s, 3s, 2s, and 2.75mm - 2 sets of 5 dpns each; 1s and 2.25mm - 4 sets of 5 dpns each; 0, 00, 000 - too many to count (Cornelia is the person in this company who knits on those sizes) in my sorter.   I don't like to bunch my needles together, but Cornelia makes the most of her sorter and gauge and has more of the large sizes in her sorter.  And, yes, between the two of us, Cornelia can knit my sox off.  She's amazing!



Do you ship Internationally and to Canada?


We love to do Canadian and international shipments. They keep us on our toes!  We try to keep the shipment under 13 oz. because it saves the buyer substantial shipping costs.  We ship the sorter in a small sturdy box.  The box, a sorter and chatelaine will weigh under 13 oz., so we can ship the item by first class US postage.  If you are interested in this type of shipping, send me a note with your postal address, what you would like to order and I will sent you a quote for postage. Judith

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